Hello, I’m Emma-Louise! I know, I know… it’s long. Feel free to call me Emma if that is too much of a mouthful for you.

Welcome to Teapots and Typewriters!

I spent the year 2014 completing my Bachelor of Arts (Honours). My thesis looked at food culture during the long Black Death (1348-1771) and examined dietetics, the relationship between food and community, and the symbolism of food in class relationships. I love history and academic writing but that isn’t what you’re going to find here… During whatever breaks I had, I devoted my time to reading and writing things that were not very academic.

If you know me, you’ll remember someone who has probably talked your ear off about the history of food. We could also have discussed some story I’ve been trying to write lately or I’ll have told you about an amazing fantasy book that you absolutely have to read. If you remember a conversation like that but aren’t quite sure what we talked about, you could either ask me or you could explore Teapots and Typewriters. This is where I’m going to keep a record of things I’ve read, written and loved, whether that’s a book review, a historical food essay or my short stories. If you’re interested in my published works, you can click the link in the sidebar, where you’ll find a convenient list.

I would love to connect to other writers on WordPress and anyone involved in the industry. If you want to talk about writing, history, food, or anything else you’ve seen on this blog, email me at teapotsandtypewriters@gmail.com or leave a comment. Please feel free to like and share anything you find interesting!


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