Word Jumbles: Writing in Cafés

Why do people write in cafes?
     Easy access to coffee is my reason.

Words to describe the café and its inhabitants
Charming / Effable /Lacklustre

Back to the inhabitants of the café. 
The young people
‘I don’t like the word slut’

‘People should do what they want, what makes them happy’

It’s amazing to think that each person will have anew that same discovery of self.
The realisation that what you should and can do what makes you happy, as long as you’re not hurting other people.

I had a week off work recently and spent a few afternoons trying to write in a café. When I write, I have two documents open – fiction and random thoughts that occur while I’m writing that don’t really relate to what I’m doing.

Results of my efforts? A lot of jumbled up fiction, some progress on my novel, and over-caffeination. It doesn’t make sense a lot at the time or needs more research. Yet, I’m battling the demon of self doubt and actually writing consistently which is excellent.

So, that’s this writers head is at right now. Struggling with block? Go and write some random things in a café or a park or somewhere you can relax your mind. After all…




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