Thoughtful Mondays: A Year

It has been a year since I last posted a blog update. Eight months since I last posted a story.

Life has changed rapidly. I have watched as old friends moved away and met new ones. I have left my childhood home, never able to return to it. The land I grew up on is going to become apartments and houses, shops and streets. Change is inevitable. Progress unstoppable. Yet, it seemed, my creativity was not one of those forces. Until recently…

A new friend poked me about my writing. ‘What would you write about?’, they questioned me. ‘What are you going to do?’

‘Well’, I answered. ‘I’m going to write about…’ I told the story of a mad king who doomed his country and I slowly realised that I still had this passion for words. For weaving stories and capturing minds. I am a writer and I don’t have to only write at work. I’ve spent a year absorbed in technical writing and marketing. Writing manuals, copy, and project management documents. Boring but essential words. Time to get back to doing what I love and making time for it. Time to practice making my creativity an unstoppable force.

The intermission is over. Prepare for Act II!




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