Thoughtful Mondays: Beginnings

To start this weeks Thoughtful Monday, an update on the cat that was lost and found again! After a visit to my grandparents, conveniently adjacent to us, it turned out that the cat had been living on our land for approximately 6 days. He had not gone home but had decided to sleep under a tree. A visit to the local vet revealed he had a microchip and they promised to get him back to the owner. Unfortunately, when I checked the local animal shelters, the vet had turned him over to one which was notorious for being high-kill. Before I could manage to rescue him (despite allergies, I was sure someone would love him…), it turned out that he had been adopted and would be safe from death even if his owner didn’t collect him. Thankfully for that gorgeous cat, he was a purebred Birman (not a rag doll as previously thought!) and apparently more desirable to a new owner than the ‘domestic short hairs’ the shelter also holds (though I would happily adopt any of them if I lived on my own, some owners have a preference for ‘thoroughbreds’…).


Not actual cat since the shelter has since taken him off their list of animals to adopt…

The shelter nicknamed him Timberlake, so to whoever Timberlake’s new family is, thank you for adopting him. As a more general statement, if you are thinking of getting a cat or a dog, please go to your local animal shelter and make sure to either get a microchip or update it with your current contact details. If you find a lost pet and you have to turn them over to a pound or shelter after doing everything possible to find their owner, please make sure it is a shelter with a low or no kill policy. The amount of once-loved animals that are euthanised for no reason but convenience or lack of shelter space is both shocking and distressing and lost pets often only have 7 days to live if they are not microchipped.

Note: If you find a cat, make sure they are actually lost first. Due to their tendency to explore a few kilometre radius around their home, they may just be having an adventure…

So, what this post is really about is beginnings. A new beginning for Timberlake and an attempt at a beginning for the writing week for me. The attempts to summarise my thesis into a concise article and conference paper are a tad draining, particularly while I try to remind myself what it was actually about. The conference is on Thursday, so plenty of time yet. I have promised Kiera of Australian Medievalists that the article version will be done soon and it absolutely shall! Maybe next weeks thoughts will be about conclusions. Anyway, I have a number of things I’ve started…. but… I think the perfect beginning is one of the hardest parts of writing. I often feel unsatisfied with it and have to alter it before I get anywhere yet I feel this may be the least productive way to write a beginning. Maybe the best way is to simply add in a lot of [say smart thing here], [remember to introduce point 2 here] and move onto the body, rewriting the introduction after reaching the conclusion. Of course, that would not have worked for this post but then again, cats are rather wonderful ways to begin a post about the difficulty of writing beginnings without actually writing a beginning about beginnings.

Like many other aspiring authors, I have a number of novels started (are we authors before we have a completed and published book? Writer is perhaps a more definite term for the aspiring?… Or is that just imposter syndrome?). They exist in half page formats or loosely plotted out lines but they have not really truly ‘begun’. I envy the writers who say they just sit and write the whole novel at once. Characters and plots just fall into place. Harder for those like me who need to develop a loose story line or risk the entire novel wandering into some sort of ‘wibbly wobbly timey wimey’ ending (seriously, what was with that season…). Anyway, since I have begun this post, I feel I should actually continue writing things. Do I end a post about beginnings? Is that possible? It’s up to the reader I guess…

Also, go take a look at Australian Medievalists! If you like medieval history and other things, they are an excellent read and really lovely people.


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