Thoughtful Mondays: Lost Things

I think I shall do a little ‘thought of the week’ segment to start the flow of writing… So here is the first entry for ‘Thoughtful Mondays’.

Lost things are always a puzzle in my house. 3 years ago, I went on a trip to America and bought a rather lovely winter hat in a store there. I came home and it had vanished. After turning my room upside down, I was convinced that I’d left it in the hotel. Three years of room cleaning and renovation later, I opened the cupboard that I’d taken apart several times since that trip and found a drawer just would not close properly. So, I pulled out the drawer and there was my winter hat. Behind drawers that I’d pulled out and put back in at least half a dozen times. So, where did it go? I’m sure there’s some sort of mysterious vortex in modern houses, where the lost things fall for an undetermined bit of time before a mysterious being pulls it out and goes ‘oh, whoops, that should be over there’ and puts it back. Sort of but not actually like Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere but with winter hats instead of people.

Yet, it seems that this thing of being ‘lost’ has started to happen to animals. Out of nowhere appeared this gorgeous ragdoll cat.

Cat! It’s incredibly unusual because we live on an acreage and I’ve never seen a cat here in the past 15 years, save for the one who lived in the shed we kept the horse feed in. She’s been hanging around for a few days, rubbing herself on and purring at anyone who goes outside, and seemed to show no signs of leaving our front garden (or leaving a flower uneaten). She seems to particularly love rubbing herself on my legs. As lovely as that is, I didn’t expect to find out this late that I have cat allergies. Concerned that she was incredibly thin, I started asking around if people knew her. Yet, when I go out this morning to look for her before putting the usual ‘Lost a cat?’ in people’s letter boxes, she’s gone. I hope that she’s reappeared at someone’s back doorstep, where they’ll affectionately call ‘Crystal! Snowball!’ or whatever you call a white cat these days, and they’ll bring her back inside and feed her until she’s healthy again. For a few days, my house must have been that hole where lost cats appear. Or choose to go, if she was simply wandering.

Hopefully this vortex effect won’t extend to people. But for now, I shall keep an eye out for that mysterious cat and hope that she found her way home.

What have you lost or found recently? 


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