News: It’s Done! & The Room Outside The Universe

Dining with Death

It’s complete! It’s done! I sit here with a bound copy of my thesis, ‘Dining with Death: An Exploration of Food Culture During the Long Black Death (1348-1771)’.

It is a very strange feeling to have this project completed so soon. I’m not sure why it feels soon… probably the rushing around for two days frantically making sure my citations are all correct, that there aren’t any typos, and god forbid that I accidentally screw up the formatting while trying to print it. Leaving aside all that stress… It’s done!!

When I’m a bit less sleep deprived and a bit more ‘haha, motivated‘, I shall make sure to write a post on what my thesis was actually about. But for now, I shall get ready to submit. Breakfast of champions… Coffee and Douglas Adam’s The Salmon of Doubt.

The Room Outside the Universe

In other news, this morning my short story ‘The Room Outside the Universe‘ was published by Mildred! I’m extremely grateful that they love science fiction! If you have any stories you’ve been hiding away for fear they’re not good enough, respond to magazines requesting them. You never know!


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